Just because Android created Google voice control features first, that does not necessarily mean that they are the best. In fact, Apple’s Siri has become very popular because it is not based on specific commands and controls like Google’s “Voice Commands” is. In fact, you can say practically anything to Siri and it will spit out some sort of answer. Therefore, as soon as Siri was released, Android application developers went to work. As of right now, numerous alternatives exist in the Android Market. Some are better than others and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, “Iris” (Siri spelled backwards), was one of the first released and also one of the best Voice applications in the Android Market. At first, most people thought of Iris as just a joke and not really a Siri competitor. But now that Iris has stopped answering everything you ask it sarcastically, the app can be pretty helpful. In fact, Iris 2.0 clains in its credits that it is powered by the following:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • kiip
  • bing
  • Yahoo Finance
  • YouTube
  • ChaCha
  • Twitter
  • World Weather Online

And although you may find yourself running back to Voice Commands purely because it is built into the operating system, Iris has come a long way since its release. In addition, now that ChaCha has been added to the data base, Iris should be able to answer any question that you throw at it, him, or her.

ChaCha was founded in 2005 and began giving out answers over the internet and by SMS messages. CrunchBase states that “ChaCha is the leading, free real-time answers service that has emerged as the #1 way for advertisers and marketers to reach and engage with the audience of their choice anytime, anywhere.

You can find Iris in the Android Market for Free.

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.