Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Morgan Keegan, was quoted last week as saying that sales of Android smartphones on Verizon are “roughly on par” with sales of the iPhone on Verizon and that sales of Android smartphones on AT&T are fast gaining ground on the iPhone.

McCourt said the iPhone’s dominance on the AT&T network is likely to fade a bit during this quarter and that the iPhone’s sales momentum would stay strong on Verizon.

About 50 U.S. retailers were consulted by McCourt and his discussions with them formed his basis for his analysis and conclusions.

The analyst claims that Android’s sales boost on AT&T may be caused by the mobile carrier’s watering down of iPhone promotion (particularly the iPhone 3GS, which costs USD$49 on AT&T) to place the spotlight on three Android newcomers: the HTC Inspire, Motorola Atrix, and Samsung Infuse.

The HTC Inspire 4G is AT&T’s best-seller, which McCourt noted to have “very strong sales.” The Motorola Atrix is the second top-selling smartphone on AT&T. Both are Android-run devices.

Also last week, DigiTimes reported an optimistic third quarter for Android smartphones. Citing unnamed industry sources based in Taiwan, DigiTimes predicts that Android smartphone makers such as Samsung and HTC may experience a boost in global market share owing to the lack of new competing models from other big-time non-Android contenders such as Apple, Research in Motion, and Nokia.

DigiTimes sources also reported that the HTC Thunderbolt leads the list of top-selling Android smartphones on the Verizon network, although the iPhone has still remained the dominant smartphone on Verizon.

According to DigiTimes, HTC may have a greater chance of closing in on Apple, since Apple has yet to release its next-generation iPhone sometime in the middle of or late third quarter. Motorola, one of HTC’s strong rivals in the Android scene, has delayed the release of its 4G handsets, and this fact can also give HTC the leverage to shine in the global market.