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iPhone, iPad on top of Black Friday online shopping; usage not purchases

A new study, released by IBM, reveals that the iPhone, iPad topped the Black Friday online shopping sprees, but not when it comes to mobile devices users purchased, but devices used to snag Black Friday deals from when shopping online.
November 25, 2012

A new study released by IBM reveals that the iPhone and iPad topped the Black Friday online shopping sprees. Not when it comes to mobile devices users purchased but devices used to snag Black Friday deals from when shopping online.

According to the study, 24% percent of online shoppers used mobile devices to check out Black Friday deals: 9.8% from iPad, 8.7% from iPhone and 5.5% from Android devices. Overall, that’s an 17.4% increase in online shopping for the period, driving Black Friday sales up 20.4% compared to last year. Mobile sales accounted for 16.3% of all online sales, with smartphones overtaking tablets: 58.6% vs 41.4%, respectively.

When it comes to tablet use for Black Friday online purchases, the study found that 88.3% of all tablet-owning buyers were iPad users, followed by Nook (4.4%,) Kindle (2.4%), Galaxy Tab (1.8%) and “other” (4.4%).

Curiously though, the study doesn’t specifically mention the Google Nexus 7 in the graphic above, so we can only assume it’s included in the “other” category. Also interesting is the fact that according to the data gathered by the company, more Nook owners took advantage of online Black Friday deals than Kindle Fire owners.

How was the study performed? IBM’s press release explains:

Today’s news is based on findings from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, the industry’s only cloud-based Web analytics platform that tracks more than a million e-commerce transactions a day, analyzing terabytes of raw data from 500 retailers nationwide.
Analysis of public social media content came from the IBM Social Sentiment Index, an advanced analytics and natural language processing tool that analyzes large volumes of social media data to assess public opinions. With this data IBM helps chief marketing officers (CMOs) better understand and respond to the needs of each individual customer, improving sourcing, inventory management, marketing, sales and services programs.

What do you say, Android device users? How did you shop for Black Friday deals this year? Did you use your current Android tablet or smartphone?