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iPhone to Galaxy S3 switch made easy by Samsung with free Easy Phone Sync app

June 22, 2012

Even though the U.S. launch has been fumbled by carriers and Samsung so far, the Galaxy S3 is rolling out in more and more markets as we speak and the South Korean Android maker is trying to make the most of its 2012 Android flagship handset.

Pocket-lint reports that Samsung is especially interested in accommodating the needs of current iPhone owners who may consider switching to Android, or more specifically, to a brand new Galaxy S3.

One of the obstacles smartphone fans can encounter when deciding to move from one mobile platform to another is the difficult process of accessing their digital content purchased on the old platform and other personal data. While apps can’t be ported from iOS to Android and vice-versa, and iPhone owners would have to buy new apps for the Galaxy S3, they would be able to move all their other iTunes content and access it on the Samsung phone.

As expected, there’s an Android app to take care of that process and Samsung is making it free for certain Galaxy S3 buyers. Developed by Media Mushroom, Easy Phone Sync is available to download from Google Play right away and once installed on the Galaxy S3 it will help users sync their newly purchased handsets with iTunes.

With Easy Phone Sync, Galaxy S3 owners would be able to get their contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, podcasts and playlists from the iPhone via iTunes and transfer them to the new device.

In addition to the Android app, users would also have to download a PC or Mac component and install it on their computers in order to sync iTunes with the Galaxy S3. As always, there’s a catch to get the app free of charge: you have to be based in the UK, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

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