Apparently Apple has unexpectedly unveiled a new iPhone model a lot earlier than anticipated. Dubbed the iPhone 5C – and not iPhone 5S as some people may have expected the seventh-generation model to be called – the handset targets primarily college-aged girls that tend to shatter the display of the device in various scenarios.

In order to prevent the screen from cracking, Apple has come up with a pre-shattered display, a front panel that looks and behaves exactly like broken glass, making your smartphone experience all that much harder. In Apple’s words, the iPhone 5C is “the best new iPhone since you broke your last iPhone.”

Reporting for The Onion, Nina Shankar details the features of the new product that comes with a proper tagline – “The phone you love, broken.” – and explains what iPhone 5C models will be available to the public. Have a look, and make sure you check out all the details, from Tim Cook’s statements to Apple’s website:

By now you will have realized we’re talking about a great Onion spoof, which makes fun of the iPhone’s tendency to break when dropped against a solid surface. In all fairness though, and considering that we have done several drop tests ourselves, the spoof is better suited for older iPhone models with both the front and back made of glass, as the iPhone 5 does very well when accidentally dropped.

Maybe the most hilarious part of the video is the ending, in which The Onion details Apple’s next iPhone, a model that will target dads, not that we’re going to spoil it for you.