The iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 comparison continues today with a couple of new battles. After we have just showed you that the Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone 5 when it comes to continuous battery usage, it’s time to look at which device wins when it comes to web traffic.

You’d expect this to be another win for the Galaxy S3 considering that the Samsung flagship device has been launched in late May, while the new iPhone was released only three weeks ago. But that’s apparently not the case, at least according to Chitika.

To our knowledge, there are well over 20 million Galaxy S3 units out there, compared to well over 5 million iPhone 5 handsets sold since launch, but it looks like iPhone users are a lot more active than Galaxy S3 owners when it comes to browsing the web. And let’s not forget that a recent study showed that Galaxy S3 sales were still up after the iPhone 5 launch, and were up for quite a few weeks in a row before that (the study focused on week-to-week Galaxy S3 sales.)

Here’s how the Chitika study was conducted:

To quantify our latest study, we conducted a user agent analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions, spanning a 7-day time frame from October 3rd through October 9th, 2012. Looking solely at impressions coming from the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, we were able to observe the difference in Web traffic volume between the two devices, depicted in the figure [above].

So let’s hear more details from Galaxy S3 owners about their web usage – after all, you got a batter that can offer you plenty of browsing support. Why aren’t you surfing as much as iPhone 5 buyers do?

We’ll probably see more such studies from Chitika and other companies that are tracking various stats for recently launched phones, and it will be quite interesting to see how this thing evolves. Why is it important? Because mobile growth is impressive, leaving the PC way behind. That also means that mobile ads are going to be more and more important, the more smartphones and tablets we’ll have to go around – and with over six billion subscriptions for mobile services, chances are that smartphone and tablet sales will continue to grow for a few more year.

Ironically though, given the data obtained by Chitika, it would look like Google would make more money off ads served on the iPhone 5 than on the Galaxy S3. Of course that kind of talk is not new and we’ve heard it all before.

In case you want to follow more iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 coverage, we have several comparisons for you including our very own drop test, a head-to-head hands-on video, benchmarking results, display battles and charging costs.

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