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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 comparison featured in Samsung “It doesn’t take a genius” Ad

Samsung was quick to react to the iPhone 5, not with a new lawsuit targeting the iOS phone’s LTE capabilities, at least not yet, but with a new ad titled: “It doesn’t take a genius.”

Published onSeptember 15, 2012

The iPhone 5 was officially unveiled earlier this week during a special Apple media event, and several leaks and rumors preceding the event were confirmed during the show.

There’s a new design that includes a 4-inch touchscren display and an aluminum back, there’s LTE support and there’s a new 9-pin dock connector. The phone has been labeled almost immediately as a disappointing, uninnovative device, although the fact of the matter remains is that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone out there, and it’s probably safe to say it will obliterate the competition when it comes to total sales – and I do mean single device sales and not mobile OS market share.

In fact, iPhone 5 pre-orders have been available since September 14, although Apple managed to sell out existing stock in a record time, with some sources saying that it took the company one hour to sell out existing stock.

Samsung was quick to react to the iPhone 5, not with a new lawsuit targeting the iOS phone’s LTE capabilities, at least not yet, but with a new print ad titled: “It doesn’t take a genius” – see the full ad at the end of this post.

In it, the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are compared from the specs and features side, with Samsung interested in showing potential buyers why the new iPhone is not a better choice than the Galaxy S3. As you can see, Samsung lists more features under the Galaxy S3 than under the iPhone 5, although none of the extra ones, except NFC maybe, is a good enough reason not to get the new iPhone, in case that’s the phone you want to buy this holiday season.

There are also some interesting things to be noticed in the new ad. These include the iPhone 5 image that seems to have been hastily inserted in the final version of the ad or the new “totally different plug” description of the new iPhone’s dock connector, which, from the sounds of it, is somehow made to sound like a bad thing. But the really annoying thing, at least for Samsung, is the fact that it had to write down “Android 4.0 OS” when talking about mobile OS version, instead of Jelly Bean, which is still not out for the device yet.

The obvious conclusion that Samsung draws is that “The Next Big Thing is Already Here,” but is it worth attacking the iPhone 5 with such ads in which the new Apple product is also featured right alongside your flagship device?

Samsung is expected to sell 30 million Galaxy S3 units by the end of the year, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple sell as many iPhone 5 units in the following quarter, no matter how many such ads the South Korean Android maker puts out.

In case you want a more thorough comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, we have just the thing for you right here.

Are you buying a flagship smartphone this year? If so, what device are you going to choose?

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