A week ago, Samsung launched its new TV ad that promote the Galaxy S3 at the expense of the iPhone 5. The commercial, which we knew it was in production for a while now, adhered to the same scenario: Samsung poking fun at Apple’s customers that line up in front of stores to get the latest iPhone while reminding everyone that “the next big thing is already here.”

The ad came right in the nick of time, two days before the iPhone 5 was launched in the U.S. and eight other markets, and the video went viral on YouTube (at the time of this writing, it surpassed 15 million hits,) therefore it’s not surprising to see Samsung come out with two new versions, one for San Francisco, and one for New York City, both available below – the first ad focused on Chicago.

The new 30-second ads keep making fun of iPhone buyers reminding them, yet again, that they’re not very witty and that the Galaxy S3 is already here. Unfortunately for fans of the series, there’s nothing really new in these ads, so if you’re looking for new jokes you’ll have to keep waiting until the next ads come along. Samsung has mostly reshuffled the material it already had and you’re going to have a ‘deja-deja-vu’ feeling when watching the two new videos. Although you will find at least a couple of new lines to use in your daily arguments with Apple fans.

We’re not going to comment on the direction Samsung is going with these ads – we already did that last time around – but we’re going to point out the fact that these new ads came out in the same week Apple announced 5 million iPhone 5 sales during the opening weekend, not including pre-orders that will ship only in the following weeks. And many of those early iPhone 5 buyers did line up in front of a store to get it.