Samsung’s first move against the iPhone 5 was not an LTE-based lawsuit to try to ban the sales of the device in the region – although such action is very likely considering recent reports – but an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 newspaper ad meant to show consumers the differences between the two devices.

Titled “It doesn’t take a genius,” the ad shows potential buyers who would be choosing between the two devices why Samsung believes its 2012 flagship device is better than Apple’s freshly unveiled sixth-generation iPhone.

In case you expect Apple to respond to such ads with its own hits at Samsung, then you’re probably in for a long wait. This isn’t Samsung’s first barbeque when it comes to attacking the iPhone maker in ad campaigns, and we especially remember the Galaxy S2 series of TV ads that were making fun of customers waiting in line to buy the new iPhone 4S. But Apple did not hit back with similar TV ads of its own and chances are it won’t do it when it comes to print ads either.

When it comes to Apple fans, that’s an entirely different story. The “It doesn’t take a genius” ad is apparently becoming a parody meme and we already have a variety of Apple fan-made ad responses to Samsung – just check out the gallery below that contains some of these responses.

We’d definitely love to see whether Samsung’s print campaign really paid off, but considering that the iPhone 5 units available for pre-order have sold out in about an hour after pre-order started, chances are such Samsung ads will not be that successful.

Some analysts expect Apple to sell 6 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend (including pre-orders), while others expect the company to sell over 30 million new iPhones by the end of the year. Samsung is also said to sell over 30 million Galaxy S3 units this year, albeit it will take the company at least two quarters to reach that milestone.

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