iphone 5 torture test coffee

Love it or hate it, the iPhone 5 is the most talked about device of the season.

Yes, it’s just a taller iPhone 4S. iOS 6 isn’t what Tim Cook wants you to think it is. Apple Maps is a mess. LTE connectivity has been standard fare for more than a year. Yet in spite of all those shortcomings, the new iPhone is selling like hotcakes.

Truth be told, Cupertino’s latest creation has its strong suits. The iPhone 5 did much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in our drop test. It did so well that we walked away with a pretty much intact phone, even after Darcy dropped it four times, the last time from more than six feet.

So, what to do with the slightly damaged iPhone 5? Destroy it, of course.

But first, we decided to do some torture tests, all in the name of science. We abused the new iPhone 5, to see how it would fare in real life. We drenched it in hot coffee. We put in our homemade pocket simulator to see how it withstands the assault of keys, coins, and other scuff-inducing items. Finally, we submerged it in water for 15 seconds.

So, if you wondered if you could use your iPhone 5 without a case, or you just get a kick from seeing expensive electronic devices ruined, check out our iPhone 5 torture test.

The ordeal is not over for that poor iPhone. We pitched it against a car. And a hammer. Stay tuned.

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