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WSJ says Apple halved orders for the iPhone 5 display, is Android to blame?

According to the WSJ, Apple had cut orders for the iPhone 5 screen by half. Does that mean Android is stealing their thunder?
January 13, 2013

According to a report that was just filed by The Wall Street Journal, Apple has reduced orders for various components. Two sources specifically mentioned the iPhone 5 screen, saying that orders were cut in half. Another report, from the Japanese publication Nikkei, says exactly the same thing. Both articles cite weak iPhone demand, which is starting to make us think, are more people now considering buying Android phones? Look, we know that 75% of the smartphones sold in Q3 2012 were powered by Google’s mobile operating system, but most of us still wouldn’t recommend something like the Galaxy Note II to our parents. The iPhone may not do much by our standards, but it’s pretty damn easy to use. And unlike Windows Phone, the iPhone has a huge variety of applications.

What else could be responsible for this drop in orders? The first thing that comes to mind is the possibility that Apple might introduce a new iPhone during the first half of the year. This new phone, let’s call it the iPhone 5S, could have a screen that’s different from the iPhone 5, which would be a first. Ask just about anyone working in the technology industry what they think the iPhone 5S is going to look like, and they’ll tell you it’s going to look exactly like the iPhone 5 that’s currently on the market.

Why are we even covering this story? We always say that in order for Android to win, Apple doesn’t have to lose. We also repeatedly criticize people who hurl insults at Apple just for being Apple. Despite all that, we do like to point and laugh at Apple sometimes when things don’t go their way. It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does … we’re ready to throw a few small tomatoes at the opposing side.

All in good taste, of course.