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iPhone 5 release date set for September 21 – that's when T-Mobile is “selling against the iPhone”

August 28, 2012

Like it or not, the iPhone is still an important player for the current mobile ecosystem – maybe the most important one – as Android players and everyone else reacts to every new iPhone release and plans its strategy for the coming year to fight off the iOS device as best they can.

In addition to rumors swirling about the arrival of some interesting Android handsets in the following days – with special events scheduled by Samsung at IFA 2012 (where we’re going to be reporting live from) and by Motorola in the following week – there are also a garden variety of iPhone-related leaked imagery and rumors that basically say the same story, the iPhone 5 will be announced on September 12, during a special media event, and it’s going to be launched 9 days later, on September 21.

These dates are yet to be confirmed by Apple, as the company has not sent out media invites for the September media event, but U.S. carriers are already sending clear signals that September 21 is going to be the American iPhone launch date.

AT&T and Verizon have already independently issued staff vacations blocks for the last week of September, but more interestingly T-Mobile has leaked a “September Training Priorities” manual that reveals the sixth-generation iPhone – commonly but also mistakenly referred to as the iPhone 5 – may not come to the fourth largest U.S. carrier.

While there are well over 1 million unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile, the mobile operator is yet to get an official agreement with Apple, an agreement it desperately wants to meet the needs of some of its consumers.

But T-Mobile is still willing to fight against the iPhone and it’s advising its staff to start “selling against the iPhone” on September 21, thus confirming the launch of the iOS 6-running smartphone.

At the same time we’ll note that this fight against the iPhone is a bit hypocritical, as a second leaked image revealed by TmoNews goes to show that the carrier isn’t necessarily trying to convert iPhone owners to Android or Windows Phone. Instead, the carrier is going to try to steal iPhone owners from AT&T, by proposing them savings of over $1,500 with new two-year contracts. That’s even if T-Mobile can’t really support the 3G/4G bands of the iPhone.

We’ll tell you more about the competition – the next-gen iPhone, but also about the new Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia phones that are scheduled to be unveiled on September 5 – in the future.

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