No, Samsung Mobile USA did not put up an iPhone 5 ad on its Facebook page to make up for its iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 print ad that we looked at during the weekend, but it certainly managed to obtained an unexpected result when asking a simple question on its page:

If you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?

Naturally, whoever is in charge of that fan page expected Samsung and Android fans to populate the answer lists predominantly with references to the Galaxy S3, the handset that’s also pictured next to the question. It’s worth noting that picture of the Galaxy S3 was apparently taken on an island, as suggested by the scenery but also by the phone’s screen.

But guess what, it turns out that a lot of people that happen to like Samsung’s page decided to opt for electronic devices from the competition to take on a deserted island, disregarding the obvious Galaxy S3 image.

Among them there are plenty of iPhone 5 and iPhone references, which Samsung certainly wouldn’t have wanted plastered all over its Facebook page. BGR reported:

Among the 50 most recent responses as of the time of this writing, we count 40 people who said their device of choice would be Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, and one who said he would take an iPad. Browsing through earlier responses yields much of the same.

Currently, here are over 1200 comments, and after checking random pages I can tell you that the iPhone shows up a lot more often then you’d have imagined. And while Samsung clearly botched this status update today, it can’t just make it go away, can it?

Now, if you want to answer that question, you can certainly hit the Samsung Facebook page and jot down your thoughts.

Of course, if you’d go to a deserted island chances are you wouldn’t want a smartphone with you anyway. Not to mention that not all deserted islands have any decent coverage, so you’d have a hard time using it as a communication device. And there wouldn’t be any electricity to charge it up when the battery is depleted, would it?