Android fans probably know that the next-gen mortal enemy for any new and upcoming Android phone is going to be unveiled today during a special media event, and launched at some point in the following week, with pre-orders rumored to kick off as soon as September 14.

But with only a few hours to go until Apple starts its presentation, the first official traces of the new iPhone, as well as other upcoming Apple products, have been discovered on Apple’s site via its search functionality.

References to the iPhone 5 with LTE support have been found via web pages that are yet to go live, including press release and product pages. In addition to the name of the device, iPhone 5, which is in line with the hint presented in the official event invitation, and its 4G LTE features, the leaks also reveal that Apple will indeed unveil a new iPod touch and new iPod nano during the show today.

Also worth mentioning is the presence of iTunes 11 references in Apple search, another product that will apparently be unveiled later today.

We’ll be covering the iPhone 5 announcement, since, whether you like it or not, the iPhone will still play an important part in the Android picture – consider it the villain, if you will.

On a different note, now that LTE support has been confirmed for the iPhone 5 before its official event, Samsung’s lawyers will probably start drafting their motions, as the South Korean giant promised legal retaliation against Apple LTE products, especially the new iPhone.

We’ll be back with more news later today!