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iPhone 5 event set for September 12, release date set for following weeks

July 31, 2012

The iPhone 5, which is what tech blogs and media still call the sixth-generation iOS smartphone, is expected to be unveiled at some point this fall, but the device may hit stores a lot sooner than mid-October, which is when the new iPhone was believed to arrive.

According to Reuters, Apple is going to hold a special September 12 event during which the company will introduce the new iPhone model. However, that September 12 date may “shift, the source said on condition of anonymity.”

In case Apple does indeed announce new products on September 12, then we’d expect them to see them in stores up to 10 days later so the new iPhone could start selling around September 21, which is a Friday.

“The fifth iteration of the device that helped revolutionize the mobile industry” – even Reuters counts the sixth iPhone Apple is about to launch as the fifth version – is expected to feature a “thinner, larger screen and a smaller dock connector,” according to sources and analysts.

Meanwhile, iLounge has gathered more information on what’s coming from Cupertino this year, and we could see Apple’s fall event star a variety of products, including new iPhone, iPod and iPad models.


The new iPhone should be launched in the third week of September, or even a little later, if Apple “waits to build additional inventory,” but according to the publication the device should definitely be released during that month.

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In addition to a brand new iPhone, Apple is also said to launch two new cases specifically created for the new iPhone, including a bumper-like case and a yet-to-be-revealed case that “will have a major impact on the accessory market if released.”


In addition to the new iPhone, Apple is also rumored to launch an iPod touch that will offer the same features the new iOS smartphone will bring – minus the actual phone features. The new iPod touch should sport a bigger display and a more powerful processor.

Apple is also rumored to unveil a new iPod nano model, one that would feature a complete redesign


Finally, Apple is also said to unveil a new iPad Mini model, the 7.85-inch tablet we have talked about in the past. The device could ship by November, alongside special iPad Mini cases including the iPad Smart Cover and iPad Smart Case.

Moreover, there’s already talk about a fourth-generation iPad that could be unveiled by the end of the year. The device would offer only small changes compared to the current third-gen tablet, with Apple expected to make the device even thinner and more efficient at dissipating heat. The new iPad design would also feature a small Dock Connector, just like the one that’s reportedly found on the iPhone 5, and a rear-side microphone to help with “noise cancellation or improve audio quality during rear video recording.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on the new devices Apple launches this fall, as they’ll surely become the main Android rivals this holiday season.