After having given the earlier Apple iPhone 4 a low mark, Consumer Reports now gives the latest Apple iPhone 4S a “Very Good” rating, but the same product rating agency still finds Android smartphones the better recommendation.

Consumer Reports, which reviews and rates consumer products such as smartphones, recently put the iPhone 4S on its list of recommended smartphones, but second only to Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Motorola DROID Bionic.

The recent report was published after the agency conducted a series of tests. The tests were similar to the ones they did with the iPhone 4. Test results showed that the newer iPhone did not experience the previous problems that the old one had. The antenna issue is one of the things mentioned in their report. Consumer Reports also noted that test results did not show any signs of battery issues contrary to emerging user complaints about shorter battery life after upgrading to iOS 5.

Interesting portions of the report drew mixed reactions from readers. Some parts of the article compared the iPhone 4S to some Android smartphones and finds the iPhone 4s to be trailing behind its rivals. Several readers questioned why bigger-screen devices like the Motorola DROID Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S II be favored over the iPhone 4S. These readers felt like it’s too subjective and barely credible.

Other readers also acknowledged the fact that some Android devices like the LG Thrill are better than the iPhone 4S because of those devices’ 3D capability, but for them the matter is still too subjective. One of the things that triggered these comments is the fact that the report did not really present any factual figures that will prove Consumer Reports’ stand.

Speaking of subjective, what is your subjective opinion about which is better?  iPhone 4S or your Android phone?