Apple sells a lot of devices – and a lot of them break. Ask anyone that’s owned a smartphone, tablet, or anything portable, beautiful and expensive what happens over time – they drop it. I’ve already dropped my Galaxy S II half a dozen times, and I’ve only had it two weeks. Should have got a screen protector, sure. Easy to say now, right? Thankfully, the damage appears to be non-existent, and I thank the Gods of tech for gracing me with such good fortune.

Either way, enough of my bantering.  Apple’s decision to design the iPhone 4, and 4S with “glass backs” sure looks pretty, but make for a tough handset it does not.

As you will see in the video below, which is painful to watch, the Samsung Galaxy S II holds up to abuse like a champ. Check out the destruction so you don’t have to  do it yourself.

And for all of those out there that say Samsung makes cheap devices – what are you saying now?

Via: YouTube