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Quit the madness, iOS is not more secure than Android!

The misconception that Apple's products are somehow more secure has carried from Macbooks to iPhones. Is this really the case? Reports prove the opposite.
June 23, 2014

The misconception that Apple’s products are somehow more secure has carried from Macbooks to iPhones. This may sometimes be a true statement, but it’s usually due to external factors, not actual security procedures or OS advantages. Such has been found to be the case with iOS when compared to Android, according to Marble Security Labs.

Marble Security Labs is speaking to Enterprise users, which fall under a separate category when referring to privacy. Enterprise users give more priority to keeping company files and information secure, requiring a significant level of protection.

“We broke it down in our labs against 14 leading attack vectors for mobile devices, and aside from their app distribution control, iOS and Android are equally at risk to the mobile security threatscape facing the enterprise.” -David Jevans, Founder and CTO at Marble Security

Both iOS and Android devices are targets to hackers and malicious software. Some may argue Apple’s app distribution control is superior, which could be the case. The Cupertino behemoth keeps a tight rope on the Apple App Store, but this doesn’t mean iPhones and iPads are out of hackers’ reach.

Malicious software can be spread through SMS, compromised hotspots and more. Not to mention, iPhones can easily be jailbroken and given access to non-official apps. This further increases your chances of compromising your iPhone’s content.

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It’s essential to keep in mind that no operating system is completely secure. Vulnerabilities will always be found as long as hackers look for them, and that’s where the trick lies. iPhones and iPads are among the most popular devices in the world. Just as popular is the Android OS, which is bound to grab some attention.

The moral of the story? Enterprise users should rid themselves from tech hearsay and generalizations. IT managers can not simply trust Apple or Android. There are many factors that make both platforms secure, as well as vulnerable.