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iOS is losing enterprise marketshare, but Android still can't beat it

While the Android platform is #1 in the consumer market (and the world), some would say you haven't won unless you can take over enterprise.
August 12, 2014
android vs apple ios

While the Android platform is #1 in the consumer market (and the world), some would say you haven’t won unless you can take over enterprise. This is a market Android hasn’t been able to successfully penetrate without getting some classic fighting from the competition. Once BlackBerry’s territory, the enterprise market now belongs to Apple, a situation that is slowly changing.

Good Technology’s Q2 2014 reports show iOS on top, but their percentage in the enterprise market has dropped by 5% (down to 67%). On the other hand, Android’s influence in this niche market has grown by the same amount – 5% (up to 32%). Meanwhile, Windows Phone is staying at 1%.

BlackBerry does continue to be fairly important in enterprise, even if not for long. The forgotten platform is not included because BlackBerry devices use their own servers for email access, meaning Good Technology can’t access their numbers. Of course, it’s not like they matter much anymore.


Android’s slow entrance into business seems to be followed by a bad reputation that has preceded the platform since its genesis. The idea that our favorite mobile operating system is less secure no longer holds true, and the latest improvements have moved mountains to ensure Google’s devices are ready for the working businessman.

The announcement of Android for Work and Samsung Knox are important factors to consider next time a business is ready to offer some new devices to its workers. This is a topic we recently discussed in our “Apple vs Google in the enterprise” opinion piece.

Android is ready for enterprise, and it is only a matter of time before Google’s mobile OS takes over suited users. Last quarter’s results are only corroborating our predictions.