Camera and Photos

The Camera app has also been updated, with the new UI allowing users to seamlessly move between video mode, to photo mode, to cropped camera, to panoramic camera. Instagram-like live photo filters are available when taking a picture.

iOS 7 Camera

The Photos app is even more interesting, as it can now automatically arrange pictures in their own corresponding photo album, without the need of the user’s interventions.

iOS knows when a certain photo was taken, and where the user was, and based on those characteristics it’ll be able to categorize pictures accordingly.

The Photo app categorizes photos by Collections, Moments and Years. Years hold all the pictures in a year, which are in their turn divided into Collections, which are made of Moments.

iOS 7 Photos

iCloud Photo Sharing is also present, and users can create photo streams and respond to other’s shared photos and videos with comments and/or with photo and video shares of their own.

Siri and iOS in the Car

Siri has also been updated in iOS 7, getting a new interface and better female and male voices – support for other languages in addition to English, including French and German, will be available at start.

iOS 7 Siri

In addition to answering various queries, and displaying them on the screen, Siri is getting new powers, and users will be able to issue new commands like “play last voicemail,” “increase brightness,” or “turn on Bluetooth.

Siri will feature Bing and Wikipedia support and will be able to read tweets from the people the user is following.

iOS in the Car is a new iOS 7 feature that will help users control their iOS devices while driving, via an in-dash system. Various manufacturers will start including iOS in the Car support in their 2014 models in order to let users perform various actions while driving their cars including commute summary,
Siri support for calls and messages, iTunes Radio and navigation with Apple Maps.

iOS 7 - iOS in the Car

App Store

The App Store has also bee updated to offer content for a specific age group – particular useful for parents – but also to offer “Apps Near Me,” which will show popular apps based on the user’s location.

iOS 7 App Store

More interestingly, the App Store will update apps automatically, without the user having to actually perform the tasks.

iTunes Radio

As previously rumored, Apple has introduced its own music streaming service in iOS 7. Called iTunes Radio, the service will be available for free with ads, or free of charge without ads to those people that already pay for the yearly iTunes Match subscription.

The service will be available in the U.S. at first, but it will roll out to other markets after that. The service will be available to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Apple TV.

iOS 7 iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio will let user easily discover music from the music app. Users will be able to listen to custom-made radio channels created by Apple, or by others, and customize their own listening experience. The service will be similar to what Spotify will have to offer, and it’s clearly a rival to Google’s own Play Music All Access music streaming service which was introduced only a few weeks ago at Google I/O.