Almost every time some one asks me why I have an Android phone, I tell them it’s because it’s fast, it’s highly customizable, and it’s a multitasking powerhouse. They almost always say the same thing, “Android’s not secure, like, all that malware and stuff.” It reminds me why sometimes it’s better to keep silent then be known for having a decent understanding of what today’s technology is all about.

But the truth is, all digital data is accessible. Nothing is safe. Not even your precious iPhone or iPad. Sure, Android has malware, and it probably always will. The same too exists for Apple, but in a different way. For the millions of people that have jailbroken their devices, there is malware. To anyone that uses a browser to check their email, facebook, or banking stuff, there’s sophisticated MOM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. The reality of the situation is that we, and our data, are only as secure as we are. Installing apps from an sketchy source? Downloaded a nice sounding anti-virus program called MacDefender for your Mac? Woops. My point is simply that we are often the reason why our data becomes compromised – not the OS we choose to use.

Anyway, to illustrate how inherently insecure iOS 5 is, we’ve just received new reports that it has already been hacked. This is no easy feat as it hasn’t even been released yet. iOS 5 apparently comes with 1500 APIs and 200 new features. Among them, approximately 10 have been dubbed “the ones to help Apple beat Android.”

Android-esque UI elements like notifications, and being able to access more information from the lock screen are among them. Still, it’s music to our ears to hear that iOS has already been hacked. A member of the iPhone Dev Team revealed through Twitter that iOS 5 was susceptible to an exploit, limera 1n, which targets a vulnerability in the iOS 5 boot software.

MuscleNerd, who pointed out this matter describing himself as ‘iPhone hacker’ on his twitter profile, said “iOS 5 jailbroken on ipt4g … via limera1n + tethered boot” on his tweet. He also posted two photos of the jailbreak OS 5, with one of them showing iPhone’s home screen as the proof.

Apple said it plans to release a final version of iOS 5 this Fall. That’s a long way away Apple fans. Good luck with that.

Hackers Tweet

Darcy LaCouvee
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