Those retro handsets that plug into the mobile phone’s headphone jack may not be to everyone’s taste, but here’s a more elegant and useful take on the novelty accessory that is worth taking a look at, the Invoxia NVX 610.

The desktop phone accessory has been available for iOS devices for a while now, and now the Invoxia NVX 610 is finally being released for the Android platform. We’ve got some live pictures below courtesy of the folks over at Pocket-lint.


Getting the NVX 610 means you have a cool place to dock and charge your smartphone, as long as it fits the arrangement. However, seeing that the talking bit is done via Bluetooth, it means you can pair it with any Android devices.

Aside from picking up the corded handset the old-fashioned way to answer a call, you can access the hands-free mode by pressing the volume button on the base. You can also use it to listen to music and any other audio source from your smartphone, VoIP apps included.


If it’s anything like the iOS version, you should be able to download an accompanying app that will let you control the desktop phone remotely, as well as collating all your contacts.

The Invoxia NVX 610, which is made from glass and stainless steel, features six speakers and four microphones, 2 USB ports, and two Ethernet ports. The Android-friendly version will be out soon for roughly £500 or $599.

Bams Sadewo
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