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InvisiBright: Automated brightness levels without touching your phone

April 21, 2012

With the development of touchscreen devices, using gestures to control certain functions on our Android smartphones has become second nature to us. One of the earliest uses of gesture can be found in many early devices that allowed users to control their car-racing game using their phone’s accelerometer.

The iPhone’s iconic lock screen gesture has garnered universal acclaim for its simplicity that allowed users to lock or unlock their device. At the same time, it also caused a lot of commotion in the patent department. Aside from iOS devices, Android devices also have their own clever tricks with their own gesture-based motion controls.  There is even an application that lets you configure gesture-based controls.

Introducing InvisiBright, developed by Dan Girshovich. This app is a simple and unique application that lets users adjust their phone’s brightness from inside any application.

Simply activate the app by pressing and holding down the Search key for a few seconds and you’re good to go. To adjust your phone’s brightness all you need to do is either swipe or tilt your phone. On the right side of the screen, swipe upwards to increase the brightness and swipe downwards to decrease it. Tap the left side of the screen to quit the application. This is certainly good news as there are certain applications that tends to sway away from the phone’s usual default brightness settings.

One of the most common problems with brightness comes from applications such as games and media players. Every time a user plays his or her favorite game, the application automatically switches to its brightest default level regardless of the phone’s configured brightness settings.

According to Girshovich, the application is a great way to save on battery life, and it is absolutely true. While there are some applications that require that much needed glow, there are others that need to have theirs trimmed down a bit.

Here’s a short video demonstration how the InvisiBright app works in the background:

InvisiBright features status bar shortcuts, tilt and touch modes, as well as many customizable preferences that lets users toggle down the settings for their own pleasure.

InvisiBright also comes with a Pro version that adds an array of features not found in the normal version. These include:

  • Search key hold shortcut
  • Translucent Slide Pad
  • Home Screen shortcuts
  • Quick auto-brightness toggle

Since its release on the Google Play Store, the application has been well received by many users praising its usefulness. Not only that, compatibility is relatively high among many Android users. InvisiBright has been tested with various Android devices ranging from the Droid to the Nook Color.

Overall, InvisiBright is a great application, especially if you have some rogue applications that do not follow the default brightness configuration set on your phone. Battery saving couldn’t get much easier to handle with the InvisiBright application.  If you’re planning on saving your phone’s battery, then this application is definitely worth your time.

Download the InvisiBright application for free from the Google Play Store.