PC Mag’s writer, Lance Ulanoff, had the pleasure of being able to speak with the Inventor of the Cell Phone, Marty Cooper.

Oh, and while the Inventor of the Cell phone did in fact “drop the iPhone”, he “drops” phones all the time. After all folks, he is the inventor of the technology we all worship. He’s probably been through a 1000 phones. Still, from reading the rather comprehensive interview, he did favorably mention several different Android phones, and clearly has a soft spot for their massive displays.

Rarely in our days, and even I, I assure you, do we ever stop to appreciate the little things. I would hazard to say that few of you consider how far we have come technologically in such an amazingly short of time. Try and, for a few seconds, try and think about being one of your Grandparents, and holding a Insert Dream Phone here, and just begin thinking about the thing. Can you imagine what would go through their head as they took in the raw power and sheer incredulity of it? Probably not.

We all live in a world that is getting faster by the day. Our desire to remain connected, informed, and in touch with the people we care about is growing by leaps and bounds.

Cooper was born in 1928, and was actually working at Motorola when he developed the first patented, portable cell phone (then dubbed the “radio telephone system”). He is considered by many to have made the very first cellular phone call almost 40 years ago on April 3, 1973. Since then, Cooper has not lost his commitment to mobile technology, and has remained deeply immersed in the mobile industry. He went on to found a number of companies, including GreatCall, the company behind the Jitterbug cell phone.

The article is great for anyone who appreciates having further insight into how far we truly have come, and some of the issues facing the mobile industry today. In particular, Mr. Cooper voiced his dislike of the control that private companies have over spectrum.

“The idea of having a limited number of carriers in the extreme—just two carriers—and they are deciding what we want is abhorrent to me. I’ve been espousing this since the 1960s: competition is good. Having every carrier provide the exact same service is not good.”

Somehow there has to be an understanding that radio spectrum belongs to us, the people. So we only temporarily loan the spectrum to the carrier.

With reference to the competing mobile platforms, Cooper had this to say:

“My desire is that there be multiple platforms, because I love competition. I think when there is competition each platform will be striving to do things that the other platform does not do. Some platforms will suit some people better than others. When you have competition, the real winner is the consumer. I want to see all these platforms succeed.”

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