Sincerely, the team behind the “-agram” apps, is now after Android users. Finally.

Postagram for Android is at last now available for download in the Android marketplace. However, as the mother app for Postagram, Instagram, is not yet even available for Android, the Android version comes with a twist. If for iPhone users, Postagram creates postcards using photos uploaded by the user in Instagram, for the Android version, the images from Facebook and from the Android device itself will suffice, and voilà, you can now send your postcards to other users via snail mail.

The Facebook connection is not even a liability for Android users, as the former is considered to be the largest photo sharing service on the web, with its 700 million users uploading an average of 8.5 million photos every day. As photos from the Android device can also be used, content surely won’t be a problem despite the absence of Instagram, which is expected to enter the Android market in the coming weeks. Instagram has 5 million users to date.

With the launch of Postagram for Android, the app also now allows sending of postcards to multiple recipients. The back can also now be customized to include a message, which is optional, and the profile photo of the postcard sender. For only 99 cents, already including printing and postage, one can cross the virtual boundaries and send their loved-ones a postcard. Postagram is free to download.

Here’s Matt Brezina, CEO of Sincerely, to formally introduce Postagram:

via TechCrunch