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Introducing Friday, the app that streamlines your lifestyle

July 31, 2012


Every once in a while, an app comes along with such ingenuity and intuition, that it makes its audience pause and reflect on how integral smartphones have become in our daily lives. The creative app I’m about to share with you is one such app and believe me, it won’t disappoint that headline!

Friday, as noted by its developers, “changes the way you use your android. It captures your entire life through your phone and builds a beautiful timeline of your life.” In essence, it’s a bit like using Facebooks’ notorious Timeline but as a separately functioning Android app. This can be handy for those of us who stay on the move, but want to tweak our lifestyles for maximum efficiency which results in more productivity.

Friday has an applet’s feature so 3rd party developers can extend the service to greater functionality beyond the original concept. The downside is there’s only one applet available at the moment, but that list should grow pending Friday’s popularity growth. In addition, all the well-known social media sites can be added to help Friday track your movements and build a personalized portfolio.

When you have enough data stored in the app, you can then query it for some concise answers on where to better your life. The best way to describe Friday is how it’s developers mention it: A passive auto journal. Friday is a free app and comes with a fresh update as of 30 July.