If you have been waiting for an Android-powered radio for your dashboard, then your wait is over since the Parrot Asteroid will be out in the market by October 2011. Because the Android OS is relatively new in the industry, we seldom see radios powered by such an operating system.

The Parrot Asteroid however, is different from your typical plug-in device since not only does it fit the amazing power of Android OS in its internal workings, but it also comes with three additional USB ports. This will allow you to hook up other devices such as GPS USB device or 3G Card in one go.

Such additional features allow you to play music from your other devices such as your iPod or other MP3 players, or even from your flash disk. Aside from offering you a turn by turn navigation system, the Parrot Asteroid also offers a real time update of traffic and construction alerts. By utilizing Bluetooth technology, you no longer have to fumble with your phone while driving.

With such a technology available, you can operate your phone via voice dialing and hands-free calling. Not only that, but you can also have your own party in your car with the new voice-activated artist and song search.


If you think its features are enough to make you excited, knowing that the Parrot Asteroid will be released in the market by October 2011 may make you jump off your seat. At a recommended price of 349 USD, you have more than a month to start saving money.

The Parrot Asteroid is perfect for end users who want a car receiver that operates on an Android Operating System and at the same time, allows them to plug in their devices on one go. If you want a device that will not only let you enjoy your music but will also guide you to your destination with GPS and Wikango, then the Parrot Asteroid is the perfect choice for you.

via ubergizmo