Most recently, we had the chance to chat with the founder and CEO of Airpush, Asher Delug. Airpush is an exciting new entrant to the mobile ad space. Find out more below.

What does Airpush offer that other Ad Networks might not?

Airpush is the first and only mobile ad network based on push notifications. Rather than displaying ads inside an app as other ad networks do, our ads display in the notification tray of Android devices. This generates dramatically higher engagement, and thus higher developer CPM’s, since the ads can be clicked at a user’s convenience rather than during an app session.

How do you define “quality” when selecting publishers for the Airpush network?

Anyone with an app listed in the Android Market can become an Airpush publisher. Whether your app has 100 installs or 10 million installs, Airpush will provide a massive earnings boost.

Android 2.2 / Android 2.3 notifications vs. Android 3.0 notifications – what are your thoughts on the differences?

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) provides for much richer notifications than in previous Android OS versions. For example you can include video with a playback control directly in the notification, and you can use UI Widgets to build mini user interfaces which are self-contained within the notification. Currently Airpush is for phones only and doesn’t support the tablet-only Honeycomb build, however we are working on expanding our SDK to include tablet support.

What payment model(s) (CPM, CPC, CPA) does Airpush utilize?

Developers are paid on a CPM basis, and advertisers pay on a CPC basis. We post near real-time developer CPM’s and Fill Rates on our public website, and as of the time of this writing today’s CPM’s are $3.94 with a Fill Rate of 89%.

How has the reception been among advertisers to the concept?

Advertisers are ecstatic about having an alternative to in-app ads for two major reasons.

Firstly, in-app ads are plagued by a high percentage of accidental clicks, whereas notification ads don’t have this issue. A recent Harris Interactive study showed that around 50% of in-app ad clicks are accidental — a shockingly huge number. If you’ve ever used a mobile app, it’s easy to see why so many accidental clicks can be generated from in-app ads since they take up a significant chunk of the usable screen area.

The other reason advertisers love notification ads is that they generate much higher post-click engagement. When a user clicks an in-app ad, he’s already busy using an app and thus his attention span for the advertiser’s landing page is very short. With our ads, however, users view the ads when it’s truly convenient for them which results in higher post-click engagement.

How long has Airpush been serving Advertisers and Publishers?

We’re a very young ad network, having launched in January 2011.

Thoughts on the future of mobile? Do you have any thoughts on Honeycomb? Games vs Apps?

My thoughts are GO ANDROID! :)
I’m a fanatical Android lover, and I’m looking forward to watching the platform completely dominate iOS and other contenders.

As for Honeycomb, despite the weak start I’m extremely bullish on Honeycomb’s prospects. Once the kinks are worked out and the hardware vendors step up, it will prove to be a far superior tablet OS than anything else on the market.

Do you have any early results that you’re able to discuss?

Sure, here are a few data points since our launch in January:

– Over 3,000 Android registered developers.
– Over 100,000 new devices/day being enabled for Airpush ads.
– Traffic is doubling every week.
– Developer CPM’s have averaged $3.54 with 87% fill rates.
– Our staff has grown from 5 to 30+ in just a few months.
Where do you see the ad network community heading over the next year and what role do you hope for Airpush to play?

It’s clear that traditional in-app ads aren’t working well for Android developers, or any mobile developers for that matter. Sub $1 CPM’s are impossibly hard to make money from, which limits the creation of high quality free content. As a result, we will continue to see innovative mobile ad units and monetization methods such as Airpush. Some areas to watch include rich media ads, full-page interstitials, co-registration funnels, and more mobile CPA networks. All of these things are very mature on the web and in their infancy on mobile.

We think that Airpush is offering an innovative solution to mobile advertising, and will draw even higher quality talent and focus to the development of great apps for Android, which will ultimately benefit us all.

Thanks very much Airpush!

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