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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing fields in the tech industry, which makes complete sense. Who doesn’t want a smart home where every appliance and device are interconnected via a Jarvis-like network controlled by you, the Tony Stark of your apartment complex? If you’re keen on bringing every “dumb” device in your home online, The Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle can teach you how to do it.

The Internet of Things refers to putting internet connectivity in devices beyond what we’d normally expect, like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, such as standard appliances, household lighting, security systems, and other traditionally “dumb” items. For example, imagine being able to turn on the kitchen lights, start the coffee, begin a load of laundry, and program your home security system all from an app on your smartphone or laptop. That’s the main idea behind the IoT, and the Complete Internet of Things eBook bundle can get you started on your own IoT projects, even if you don’t have any programming or engineering experience. You even learn how to construct IoT projects using Raspberry Pi, a series of wildly customizable single-board computers that you can build to do almost anything.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Internet of Things For Architects
  • Practical Internet of Things Security
  • Internet of Things With ESP8266
  • MQTT Essentials: A Lightweight IoT Protocol
  • Smart Internet of Things Projects
  • Internet of Things With Raspberry Pi 3

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Internet of Things eBook Bundle

The Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle – $19

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