Despite being so open to the media about its plans to update devices to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (at first), HTC is still struggling to make good on its word. In fact, not only has HTC had trouble with the JB bumps for the three gadgets confirmed to get them, but the company is yet to completely straighten things out for even one single phone.

Both the One X and XL have started getting the updates a while ago, but as far as we know the JB leaps are still stuck to specific models of the devices. Meanwhile, not one version of the One S got to taste Google’s butter until today, when we’re hearing Android 4.1 is finally rolling out to the mid-ranger.

As per usual, the update comes scattered across the world (or more like Europe), though it does feel like the number of devices getting the bump is higher than the norm. Based on reports gathered from a number of sources, starting with the XDA forum, the following CIDs appear to be part of the rollout:

  • HTC_001
  • HTC_E11
  • HTC_203
  • HTC-102
  • HTC_405
  • HTC_Y13
  • HTC_A07
  • HTC_304
  • HTC_M27
  • HTC_032
  • HTC_016


That is in no way a complete and thorough list (yet), but if you do own an HTC One S with one of those CID numbers you probably have a buttery smooth new OS waiting for you just around the corner in Settings – About Phone – HTC Software Updates.

Of course, if your CID is not on the list you can still dive in the Software Updates menu and check for the upgrade yourself. Who knows, you might get lucky. Alternatively, you can grab the software pack from this link here, although we don’t really recommend this update method unless you’re not too fond of your phone’s warranty.

Now, about the actual Android 4.1 bump. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how massive that is, but if you need additional proof just know the new package weighs in at a hefty 612 MB. That includes the already traditional performance bumps, speed enhancements and awesome new features and functions (Google Now is just the first that comes to mind), but also a series of particular bug fixes and the customary Sense update from version 4 to 4+.

Now that’s what we call an awesome Christmas gift!