A new post from the well informed guys at The Next Web argues that a new report from uSwitch is demonstrating that interest in the iPhone is finally waning. HTC Android Smartphones, in particular, appear to be extremely popular with consumers these days. With more and more consumers looking for “better bang for buck” deals, HTC has effectively marketed different Android phones, at varying price points, in a bid to win the hearts and minds of customers worldwide.


uSwitch ranked the UK’s most favorite mobile handsets, and discovered that the HTC Desire, Desire HD, and HTC Wildfire currently occupy the top three spots. Of the top ten selling smartphones currently, Android occupies 5 of the top 10 spots.

As we know, we vote with our dollars and our eyeballs these days, and customers are speaking clearly that they want Android. The iPhone is in spot number six, and it looks like interest in it is going to continue to descend until the iPhone 5 is finally released.

The top ten handsets:

  1. HTC Desire
  2. HTC Desire HD
  3. HTC Wildfire
  4. Blackberry Curve 8520
  5. Samsung Galaxy S
  6. Apple iPhone 4 (16Gb)
  7. Motorola DEFY
  8. Sony Ericsson S500i
  9. Samsung G800
  10. Samsung i600

According to Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com:

“HTC has outsmarted the smartphone market by customising its handsets at a range of price points – as seen by the Wildfire acting as an aspirational Desire. It’s clever marketing. Android phones have well and truly pipped Apple to the post. But, with just a couple of months until Apple is expected to give details of its next offering, it’s almost a dead cert that they will soon lead the way again in the race for smartphone dominance.

What would make you buy an iPhone?


Darcy LaCouvee
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