Intel logo Credit: huangjiahui

CES 2014 will surely have no shortage of wearable devices from smartwatches to fitness tackers and Google Glass competitors, and Intel isn’t about to let the category pass it by.

In a recent interview with Re/code, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich hinted that his company will have something in the wearable space to show off at the trade show next week. “What you will see at CES is that we are actually going to bring some very innovative wearables to the show that are developed and manufactured here,” he said.

Unfortunately, Krzanich didn’t give many hints as to what sort of wearables Intel will unveil. He did say that Intel’s new Quark chips will power some of those wearable, though. At the moment Quark chips are mostly used in heating and air conditioning units in Europe. Krzanich says the small chips “can make almost anything smart,” and that we’ll see some new devices that we didn’t think could be “smart” using them at CES.

While the potential of new wearables and new smart devices is exciting, it’s important to remember that Intel doesn’t have the best track record of getting mobile devices to market. It’s really good at putting Core chips in everything from MacBooks to gaming PCs, but there are very few Intel-based mobile devices. The most recent Android devices using Intel chips include the Dell Venue 7 and Venue 8.

But maybe this time is different, even though Krzanich is a relatively new CEO, having just taken the role in May 2013. Maybe his first CES as CEO will lead to some exciting new devices we can actually buy sometime in the future. If nothing else, his promised devices, including PCs running both Windows and Android, should make for an interesting keynote presentation and an exciting booth on the CES show floor.

Do you think Intel will finally be able to break into mobile with wearable devices?