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Intel admits it's working on fixing TV, says their hardware will launch this year

Intel has just announced that they're going to launch a box by the end of this year that will fix just about everything that's wrong with television. We doubt they'll achieve their goal.
February 12, 2013

If you want to understand why a company does something, you need to understand how they make money. Intel is in the business of manufacturing chips. They don’t care what software runs on their chips, they just want to make sure that their chips are being ordered in bulk by hardware manufacturers. Now consider this: 2012 was the year where we actually saw the PC market shrink. You can blame that on several things: Windows 8 isn’t very exciting, the economy is tanking, and tablets are becoming people’s primary computing devices.

With that in mind, let’s discuss Intel’s latest announcement. They’ve confirmed that they’re working on a box that will “fix” everything that’s wrong with television. Said box will use the new h.265 codec, and it’ll work with live TV, internet TV, and pretty much anything that your TV provider uses. The box will launch this year, and while it isn’t going to be Intel branded, Intel will have a huge say in how things work.

Why is Intel doing this? We’re not exactly sure. The market for devices to connect to your television is not only tiny, but the refresh cycle is terrible. You move into an apartment and get a cable box, and that box will stay with you until the end of time. Maybe Intel is hoping to court companies looking to sell an entire range of devices? Think about Samsung, who wants to sell you a connected TV, a tablet, and a smartphone. But then Samsung also makes their own chips, so … can you see why we’re not exactly sure what’s going on here?

How does this news relate to Google? Like we said earlier, Intel couldn’t care less about what software runs on their chips. We know Intel is working on Tizen, via their partnership with Samsung, but let’s be serious: Android for televisions will likely be a big thing either this year or in 2014.

Let’s wait and see how this develops.