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Intel smart: watch, earbuds, headset and wireless charging bowl

Intel has unveiled a variety of smart devices at CES 2014, including a smartwatch, smart earbuds, smart headset and smart wireless charging bowl.
January 7, 2014
Intel at CES 2014 on Monday unveiled a variety of mobile-related plans, and while they’re not necessarily tied to Android – especially the smart wearable devices – they’re certainly interesting, as the company wants to be increasingly more relevant in the mobile ecosystem, whether it’s smartphone and tablets or wearable devices.

Considering that everyone else is bringing their own wearables to the table, we’re not surprised to see Intel get smart at CES with its own smartwatch, smart earbuds, smart headset and smart wireless charging bowl.

Intel smartwatch

The Intel smartwatch prototype is a standalone device that works by itself, without the need of smartphone or tablet to pair it to. The device has phone features and can browse the web and can handle location-based notifications as well. The device should be available later this year, although we don’t have pricing details or a release date just yet. In fact, the device lacks a commercial name as well.


Intel smart earbuds

Intel’s smart earbuds provide biometric and fitness information to the user via a smartphone application. The device, developed in collaboration with Valencell Inc, can measure heart rate and pulse while delivering full stereo audio, and is powered via the headset jack that’s plugged in the smartphone or tablet. As for fitness, a companion app on a smart device can keep track of run distance and calories burned.

Intel’s product doesn’t have a commercial name, and we’re looking at a reference design, which could be used in the future by other device makers.


Intel smart headset

The smart headset from Intel is also a reference design, so we don’t have a name or availability details of it. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device and is ready to offer all-day battery life. The smart headset runs Intel-developed firmware and software and uses Sensory Inc.’s low power, always-on voice recognition technology.

The smart headset features demoed at CES include One shot, Barge-in and Polite notification. With One shot, the user can speak without pausing after being prompted, without having to wait for the personal assistant to respond to the initial inquiry. Barge-in will let the user stop the personal assistant by double tapping the smart headset or using a pre-defined key phrase. Polite notification will asses the user’s current situation and determine what the best time to provide notifications is, without interrupting activities.


Intel smart wireless charging bowl

The smart charging bowl is Intel’s last smart device presented at CES. The device will let users simply drop other smart devices in it and charge them wirelessly. Based on A4WP industry specification, the bowl measures 10 inches in diameter and can charge various devices that support wireless charging at the same time, without the user having to place them in a particular order.

Wrap up

It’s not clear yet when Intel’s smart devices will start shipping, or whether they’ll be bundled with future Android devices, although some of them will certainly work across mobile platforms. Would you buy any of the products unveiled by Intel?