Intel plans to push convertible notebooks running Android, notebook vendor sources say, quoted by DigiTimes. The company will reportedly be working with its partners to put Android tablet-convertible notebooks on the market, with the first manufacturer to launch a product said to be Lenovo.

PC sales have been declining lately, registering the worst drop in history in this year’s first quarter, a process accelerated by the fact that Windows 8 failed to produce the expected results. That seems to be the reason why Intel, which is not doing too good itself (the company’s profits have dropped 25% in the first quarter), may be putting its money on Android.

It’s hard to say whether Android could replace Windows at some point, but DigiTimes’ sources say that Intel does want to push convertible notebooks running it as much as possible, with its partners following suit. Lenovo is said to be the first to launch such a product (the 11-inch Yoga, already rumored for a while), as soon as May, followed by HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus in the third quarter. The convertible notebooks will have to include a detachable keyboard (like Asus has used on the Trasnformer Pad Infinity, recently updated to Android 4.2).

As far as price goes, Intel has estimated an average price of around $500, the same report says, which would make them pretty tempting for most of us.

Do you think Android has a chance of becoming an alternative to Windows in the future?

Bogdan Bele

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