Lenovo K900

Lenovo’s IdeaPhone K900 might have not been the shiniest star of last month’s CES (darn that Xperia Z), but it was definitely in the top 3. I mean, what was not to like about that beast? It looked different, it boasted a sensational 5.5-inch IPS display, and, best of all, it packed one of Intel’s brand new Clover Trail+ chips.

And when the first benchmark came we were more in love than Kim Kardashian is with Kanye West’s bank account. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm grew weaker with each passing day. Not only had we not heard a thing about pricing and availability, but the hype-building campaign seemed to end before actually starting.

But now it’s back. And, hopefully, it’s here to stay. Expected to be shown off during next week’s MWC, the Lenovo K900 stars in a neat little video teaser. Or, as Intel likes to call it, a demo.

The chip maker starts off the clip by throwing a couple of jabs at ARM. “They told you it was not possible” and “we could not do it” says Intel and points at a couple of printed-out online articles in which ARM battered its rivals.

The video then takes an unexpected turn. The K900 is unveiled, preceded by the “x86 is in business in Phones” message. We then get a glimpse of how smooth Epic’s Citadel is on the phone. The game is closed and Texture Mark, a popular benchmark measuring a device’s responsiveness, is opened.

Just smoke and mirrors, because instead of taking the actual benchmark test, the Free Mode is opened. Sneaky devils! You can still get an idea of how responsive the new Intel GPU is, just no specific numbers.

Well, I got chills watching the video. And I don’t even want to think about how I’d handle actually holding the device. But were they wrong? We shall see about that.

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