During CES 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has announced a new tiny PC from Intel called Edison. The “full Pentium class PC” fits into the case of a SD card and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth low energy). The amazingly small development board is part of Intel’s drive to offer a suitably small, but yet powerful, platform that can fit into almost any household object, from wearable tech to coffeemakers, and even coffee cups.

Based on a low-power 22nm Intel Quark processor the Edison is a fully working computer with a 400MHz dual-core CPU that can run Linux. It also has its own app store and comes with full support for Wolfram Mathematica.

As a demo Krzanich showed off an enhanced baby monitor that extended a Onesie baby monitor to send real-time data to a coffee-cup with built in LEDs that show the baby’s condition.


Intel also launched its “Make It Wearable Challenge” contest with a prize pot of over $1.3 million. First prize is a sweet $500,000 and the top 10 ideas get a chance to work with industry leaders to bring their ideas for the next generation of wearable technologies to life.

This tiny device will be available for developers to buy and use from the middle of this year and I am sure that lots of innovative products using it will come out not long after that. It will also be interesting to see how other industry leaders like ARM and Google respond to Edison.