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Instapaper: Android app for saving online content for offline reading

June 20, 2012

After a few rough patches, the official Instapaper client has finally arrived on the Google Play Store. The popular iOS application that became an instant hit for being easy to use has once again triumphed on the Android scene for being a reliable application that allows you to bookmark your favorite online articles, blog posts, journals and webpages so you can read them later in offline mode.

Offline reading is not the only thing that makes Instapaper popular. It’s also a universal application that has been fine-tuned to run efficiently on smartphones and tablets.

Instapaper features several tools that enhance the user’s experience, such as being able to customize font size, font types, line spacing, indentation, custom folders, day or night reading modes, and custom folders, just to name a few. With so many customization options, Instapaper is not just any ordinary application but a personal digest that users can configure to suit their preferences.

To fully experience Instapaper, you need to have an account. You can get your login credentials by visiting the developer’s site. Registration is free and the site is kind enough to guide you around the application. As soon as you have logged in, you have the option to sync your favorite articles and folders to your device for easy access.

Instapaper’s layout is more like that of a newspaper or a digital printed paper and is based more on its iOS counterpart with a major difference in the Holo-themed menu buttons found all throughout the options.

On the app’s main homescreen, you can find your Instapaper folders, and you can create additional folders by tapping the + button or edit by selecting the pencil button.

Inside your folder, you can enable editing mode to manage your files. Editing mode allows you to archive, move, or delete the selected articles inside that folder. Navigation is a breeze and can be done by swiping sideways to view other items on your bookmarked list.

Adding articles or addresses to Instapaper can be done through your phone’s mobile browser by tapping Menu > Share Page > Instapaper. The app is generous enough to download the complete webpage, including photos and other media–all ready for offline reading.

In Reading Mode, you’ll find an action bar found at the bottom of the page. The action bar contains several options such as that for sharing and deleting an article. Tapping the AA button brings you to a menu that carries features for adjusting the brightness color, Dark Mode toggle, font resizing, and a lot more options that makes reading a bliss.

Instapaper’s main settings will let you sort out your Instapaper profile and tinker with various settings. Other options include rotation lock, dark mode for power consumption saving, and managing your bookmarked articles and update-time.

Instapaper for Android is priced lower than its iOS counterpart and will cost you US$2.99. Download Instapaper now from the Google Play Store.