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Installing ClockworkMod Recovery for the Nitro HD P930 or Optimus LTE SU640

February 2, 2012

Owners of the LG Nitro HD P930 and the LG Optimus LTE SU640 are in for a treat as these devices are reportedly getting ClockworkMod Recovery 5 sooner than you think. Users of rooted LG Nitro HD handsets who hope for a custom recovery on their device will finally get what they deserve. The guys at XDA-Developers have done it once again, and this time around their bringing ClockworkMod Recovery version (CWM 5) to the Nitro HD and the Optimus LTE.

LG’s recent contender in the smartphone race, the LG Nitro HD (and its international sibling, the LG Optimus LTE) surely has some awesome specifications to behold. On paper, the Nitro HD shines with its award-winning 4.5-inch AH-IPS LCD touchscreen and a whopping 1.5 GHz dual-core Scorpion processor. The device is spectacular to behold as it can play HD videos as smooth as butter without sacrificing certain functionalities.

Since its inception, rooting the Nitro HD has been tempting, as to do so can unlock an array of interesting features starting with the installation of custom ROMs. Even better, there might be a huge chance that you could install Ice Cream Sandwich on your device with custom CyanogenMod 9 ROMs.

Installation of the CWM Recovery 5 is quick and easy. The only requirement is to have a rooted Nitro HD for flashing the recovery image properly.

However, there are some minor issues foundion this latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery:

  • Fix Permissions results in boot loop
  • SD card not being mounted on boot
  • Invalid timestamps

We’re glad to tell you that the CWM recovery has been tested on the AT&T LG Nitro HD (P930) and the LG Optimus LTE (SU640).

In this guide, learn the steps for installing ClockworkMod Recovery for the Nitro HD P930 or Optimus LTE SU640.


  • The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the AT&T LG Nitro HD, model number P930, or the LG Optimus LTE, model numb SU640. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.
  • The information in this guide is provided for instructional and educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that these instructions will work under your specific and unique circumstances.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide.
  • Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions.



  1. Copy the recovery image to the root of your SD card (i.e., inside the /sdcard directory). Make sure that you don’t place it deep inside the subfolders of your SD card as it might not be detected during installation.
  2. Run Terminal Emulator on your phone.
  3. Enter the following command to backup your phone’s existing recovery partition:
    • cat /dev/block/mmcblk0p13 > /sdcard/recovery-backup.img
  4. Enter the following commands, one at a time, to flash the new recovery image to your phone:
    • su
    • cd /sdcard
    • cat bc64-recovery.img > /dev/block/mmcblk0p13
  5. After the last command finishes executing, power off your device.
  6. Reboot into recovery mode by pressing down the Volume Down and Power buttons. It will then prompt you for a factory reset, simply press the Power button twice to do a factory reset. Don’t worry–it will not format or reset your device.

Congratulations!  You have successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your LG Nitro HD P930 or LG Optimus LTE SU640. You can now enjoy installing custom ROMs and kernels without problems reverting back to the current stock ROM.