Instagram has had an interesting last couple of months. A little background for those that may not know is that Instagram changed their Terms of Service recently. They stated that they could essentially sell your personal photos to other companies. The worry was that deeply personal photos could end up on the front of a website as someone else’s ad. Today, Instagram could be ending it.

Instagram hasn’t been helping their case much. As early as yesterday, Instagram posted likely bogus stats claiming they didn’t lose any users during this fiasco. One sure way to keep your fans angry is to call the ones who quit not important. The Verge’s Chris Welch reports today that Instagram is due to change their Terms of Service once again to end the problem.

Is Instagram going to continue selling photos of people?

We’ll know later today, that’s for sure. It has been reported that the company will retain its right to share its photos with its parent company, Facebook. Otherwise, they claim they have no intention of selling any photos. Of course, as many of our readers have pointed out, the best way to keep your photos safe is to simply get rid of Instagram.

Will this new ToS smooth things over or is it time to leave the photo sharing giant? Let us know what you decided to do in the comments!

Joe Hindy
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