Inkwell or Walden? Hefe or Valencia? Choosing that one perfect filter for a certain picture can become quite the dilemma for Instagram users. One thing that users won’t find to be a problem is finding and following friends and relatives, who all of a sudden add photography to their list of interests. The popular photo sharing service has nabbed 50 million downloads on Google Play.

When Instagram for Android was launched in early April this year, over one million people downloaded the app onto their device in a day. The road to 50 million downloads was reached in 197 days, which means that, on average, the app was downloaded 250,000 times per day.

The number of registered users – not just those on the Android circles – has also risen to over 100 million, a significant gain from the 30 million registered users reported in April.

Despite some put down and threat of a malware-ridden lookalike apps, Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is continually going up. Android users no doubt contribute to its ever-growing worldwide popularity.

Any avid Instagram users here? What do you think about the recent introduced features, such as Photo Maps and custom-designed filters? What would you like to see being added to the Android app?