Vine is the new passing fancy of Android enthusiasts, keeping us entertained six seconds at a time. An average Play Store rating of 2.8 suggests the concept needs work, even though over one million users have downloaded it. Facebook, however, may have something up their sleeve with Instagram.

We have no official details to offer, but recent speculation suggests Instagram will be getting some sort of video support. Everyone’s favorite photo-filtered social hub may be set to compete with Vine, or at least offer a similar service. With Skype’s video feature coming out of beta, Instagram has an opportunity to fill a nice niche.

Six seconds is not enough time for many, and Skype can be a bit cumbersome. A lightweight, easily approachable app like Instagram could bring a lot to the video messaging table. Already used by millions, Instagram would also liven up the Facebook interface with user generated video. The video feature has reportedly been tested internally at Facebook, so perhaps they’re ready to show us.

If it happens, we’ll know on June 20th, when Facebook has their soire to announce a “big idea”. If the big idea is Instagram video support, they’ve got a winner. We’ll just have to wait and see what Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew have up their sleeve.

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