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Instagram denies sudden drop in users over terms of service fiasco

When Instagram changed their terms of service, there was talk of a lot of people leaving because of it. The company released stats today denying these rumors.
January 18, 2013
You may recall that Instagram made some interesting changes to their terms of service awhile back. The change allowed Instagram to use its users’ photos in advertising without their permission. As one can imagine, that made a lot of people pretty mad. Mad enough that rumors circulated that people left the photo-based social media service in droves. Today, Instagram released numbers stating this is not true.

Over at their official website, they have posted some user stats. It states that there are currently 90 million monthly users who upload about 40 million photos per day. As The Verge pointed out, that’s actually a 10% increase from last month.

This seems to lay those rumors of everyone leaving to rest. Or do they? As stated, these are monthly totals. The problem with monthly totals is that if you chase away half your user base during the first week, back pedal, and get everyone back the last week, your monthly totals probably wouldn’t reflect that.

Is that happened to Instagram?

It’s hard to tell without more statistics. As AllThingsD pointed out, a day by day usage chart would’ve been far more interesting to look at. Monthly stats don’t always tell the whole story.

When the revolt started, Instagram wasted no time back pedaling and agreeing to change the ToS back. So there very well could’ve been some substantial, if temporary, drops. Monthly stats wouldn’t show that.

In any case, the old terms of service is actually going to kick in this Saturday. So we can all lay the Instagram controversy to rest. Did anyone go back after quitting due to the ToS? We’d like to hear your take on it.