Although some may have considered it a passing whim, Instagram is becoming more popular by the day, both on iOS and on Android. In Google Play, the free photo sharing program has crossed the 10 million download mark a while ago, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 50 million landmark reached sometime soon.

Part of the app’s monster success is owed to the consistent support offered by developers, who’ve now announced the release of yet another Instagram update. Both the iOS and the Android versions have received the new update, but iPhone users should be happy to find out that their improvements and tweaks are far more significant than the ones pushed out to the Google Play app.

However, that doesn’t mean Instagram for Android doesn’t look and feel better than it did a few days ago. In fact, you should notice a big improvement in terms of search functionality, but also better support for devices using the Instagram advanced camera.

Several bugs and glitches have also been fixed, including the tilt shift issues encountered by many on lower resolution images and on HTC’s Sensation 4G. That’s pretty much the entire update’s changelog, which might be disappointing for those of you who hoped that the app would dramatically change after the Facebook acquisition. Then again, why would Zuckerberg mess with Instagram’s simplicity and ease of use?

Instagram 1.1.4 is now available for download over on Google Play and by all means and purposes, if you’re a fan of the app, you should try out the update and see if it fits you better. Don’t forget to drop us a comment after checking out Instagram’s latest update, and let us know if the improvements are noticeable or, if God forbid, there are any new bugs to report.

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