Instabridge is a Swedish company that’s invented something so simple, and so awesome, that you’ve got to wonder what took this industry so long! Here’s how it works: You install the Instabridge application on your smartphone, connect it to your Facebook account, and now pretty much anyone you’re friends with can join your WiFi network without having to enter that crazy long alphanumeric password you can’t remember.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such an app. Two months ago a Dutch startup launched something called WiShare that does pretty much the exact same thing as Instabridge, except it doesn’t connect to Facebook. That and WiShare wanted to charge their users a monthly or yearly fee. As far as we know, Instabridge doesn’t have a business model, so we don’t know how long their startup is going to last, but we’re happy that Samsung is going to back them up.

Samsung is also going to get something in return from Instabridge. They’re going to make their application NFC enabled next month. So say your friend with a Galaxy S III comes over. All they have to do is touch your Galaxy Note II and boom, they’re connected to your WiFi!

Google could easily build Instabridge/WiShare functionality into Android, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear them announce such a feature at some point in 2013. Think about it: Everyone you trust is in your phonebook, right? So why not automatically grant them access to your WiFi network? Google could easily find your friends’ Android phones using the same method that WhatsApp uses to find your contacts.

The funny thing about all this is that some people have a faster internet connection on their 4G LTE enabled Android smartphone than they do at home from their broadband provider, but that’s a whole other story for another day.