If you’ve been patiently waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you’ll have to wait a teensy, tiny bit longer. Earlier this week, we’ve reported on spotting the anticipated gadget in the UK. A couple of days ago, the device finally made an appearance in Australia. The latest gossip we have for you, thanks to Engadget, means you have to get ready for the droid sooner than you think!

Even though the Galaxy Nexus was initially reported to be released by Verizon Wireless, an anonymous tipster sent Engadget some new information on the big date. Along with some photos, we found new information that the inaugural device containing the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich OS has already been included in the internal pricing guide of Costco. A starting date has also been set for December 15—yes, it’s tomorrow! Just like what we originally heard last month, the device will still be priced at $290 following a two-year commitment.

However, keep in mind that even though Costco is Verizon’s authorized retailer, the release date of the gadget may differ from its official site and the corporate-owned stores. You can also pick up your Galaxy Nexus from one of the many Verizon Wireless stores around.

Nonetheless, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the long wait to end!

Will you be visiting a Costco store tomorrow?


[Source: Engadget]

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