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Inside Search from Google helps you with all of your holiday activities

The holidays are in full swing. People are out buying turkeys and early Christmas presents. decorations are going up and kids are drawing turkeys by tracing their hands. Google is looking to help people keep up with the holidays with Inside Search, which offers a wealth of information for anyone who's looking to enjoy the holidays.
November 20, 2012
Inside Search
Tis the season, as they say. The holidays are officially in full swing. There are Black Friday sales events being advertised. Family is coming from out of town. There are turkeys to be cooked and football to be watched. When you take a step back and look at it, there is actually a boat load of stuff to do. Google is looking to help people out with a new feature called Inside Search.

Inside Search is a website Google set up to help guide people through the holidays. It is essentially a one stop shop to show you how you can use Google services to make this holiday season a little less hectic.

There is a lot of content Google gives access to. People can use Google Now to check family flight plans and check sports scores. There are a range of Google Hangout sessions planned to help teach people how to cook in various ways for the holidays. This includes vegan Thanksgiving feasts. You can use Google Docs to create menus for guests and even use Maps to navigate busy malls. Of course, there is always the classic Google Search available for random shopping searches.

Does Inside Search really cover everything?

There isn’t a lot that it didn’t cover. It seems the only thing Google’s Inside Search doesn’t do is hang your Christmas lights for you. That’s kind of a bummer because that would be cool to watch. The most unique feature is definitely the Thanksgiving dinner cooking lessons on Google+ Hangouts, which anyone can join. Is anyone going to be using Google services extensively this holiday season?