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Take an inside look at the making of the Nexus family and Android 4.2

With the new Nexus devices and Android 4.2 right around the corner, here is a sneak peak at what to expect from Google's latest and greatest devices. With a Nexus portfolio from OEMs like LG, ASUS, and Samsung, the Nexus family has never been stronger and Android has never been better.
October 31, 2012
While the holidays are still technically a month off, October has felt like Christmas for Android enthusiasts. We saw the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 32GB and the Nexus 10 get a final specs sheet as well as a release date. To add to the awesome, there are bits and pieces of Android 4.2 out there for people to download. So have you ever wondered what goes into making a Nexus device?

The Verge was recently invited to Google headquarters to learn more about the Nexus family, Android 4.2, and pretty much anything regarding those two. For those who’d rather watch then read, then skip to the bottom where the video is.

The video tour starts out by introducing people to the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. No more leaks or fakes. They got the real deal over there at Mountain View. We’ve known the specs for these devices for some time and you check out the link above to see what them.

Google execs in the video explain how they chose ASUS, Samsung, and LG to be their Nexus crew for this release. Essentially, it was because their designs were the best out of everyone’s and they were the designs that fit Google’s needs. Samsung’s beautiful display along with their Exynos chips helped Google decide to use their design for the Nexus 10. LG won out because of their screen technology and inductive charging design.

So these awesome Nexus devices will all be powered by Android 4.2?

Yes, and Android 4.2 looks like it’s going to be the best version of Android to date. In the video below, there is a walk-through of some of the many new features in Android 4.2. They mention the new gesture typing keyboard, which analyzes gestures in real time to show predictions as you swipe.

Also mentioned is the ability users will have to add widgets to their lock screen, essentially making it a second home screen. You can add a number of widgets and check things like your email or open the camera without unlocking the device.

There were some little things mentioned as well. Such as the ability to open up the quick settings menu by using two fingers to swipe down on the notification pane. Additionally, Google Now got a big upgrade. It will be able to show users even more information than ever before.

With the release of the Nexus devices and Android 4.2 right around the corner, it’s hard to not get excited for the future of Android. This is arguably the best year for Nexus ever. Has anyone committed to buying a Nexus yet? Let us know your thoughts and check out the video below for all the details.