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Inside Job - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is called Inside Job. In this top-down maze game, you must set your own traps and then try to thwart them! Check it out.
July 9, 2014

What is Inside Job?

Inside Job is a simple puzzle game where you must set up lights during the day time and then try to find a way around them at night. It’s definitely a maze style game with the catch being that you set up your own traps. If you’re good at it, then you can get around your own traps. If not then you’ll have to try again.

The game comes in two flavors and that’s free and premium. The free version has 12 levels and the paid version gets you another 18 levels. The paid version costs $1.70USD. The earlier levels are kind of easy but as you progress the maps get harder and harder to plan and it requires more creativity to get through them. The game works by having lights that flash blue and red. You can walk around when the lights are blue but you have to get out before the lights turn red again otherwise you lose and you must start over.

There is a sort of back story. You play as a robber who gets hired as a contractor to set up security lights at a building. You must put them up so you can sneak passed them and steal things from the building. It’s not the best story out there but at least it gives the game a premise and give players motivation. There are also Google Play Games achievements that are predominately speed run times for each level along with a curious achievement that involves defeating a lizard monster. Cool.

Inside Job review
At the end of the day, Inside Job isn’t going to win awards for being the best game ever. However, it’s a nice way to kill an afternoon or waste a few minutes during a break at work. The achievements are fun to try to get and you can try it for free for 12 levels before you have to buy the other 18. We thought that was fair.