inq_mobile_androidINQ have revealed that they will be using the Android OS as the basis from which to launch their new upcoming smartphones. In a recent interview with, all the usual noises were made by INQ regarding the ease of which Android can be customized. Given that INQ are most well known for their ‘Facebook phone’, where social networking applications are tightly woven into the device’s experience, an operating system that can be altered and customised, but with good stability and application Market is perfect for them.

In the aforementioned interview, CEO of INQ, Frank Meehan, mentioned that their feature phones should land in the “$79-99-199 on two-year-contract range”. There is a speculative verbal mentioning for the longer run of a push towards $50 smart phones too. Right now it seems clear to us that Android is a cheap(er) OS, perfect for manufacturers who are aiming at the lower end of the market. It is highly customisable as shown by HTC’s Sense UI, Motoblur and soon to be Sony Ericcson Rachel and GeeksPhone ONE. With so many Android flavours out there, it will become harder and harder to recognise the OS underneath, but perhaps this is a good thing. More market differentiation will continue to offer consumers a choice. As long as this choice doesn’t become overwhelming, then things look promising.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.